Simple method to win extra in warzone 2 (ideas & methods)

The simplest method to win extra in Warzone 2 is combining your finest weapon loadouts together with your finest in-game techniques. How? Since Warzone 2 is extra of a battleground, gathering solely the very best weapons will not be all it is advisable win. You need to have some techniques that enemy gamers don’t know but. 

As an illustration, flanking an enemy and taking him unexpectedly with an RPK is usually a method to win extra fights. So, mix your elite weapons with unique techniques and win extra, solo or as a group. Additionally, you’ll be able to attempt these undetected Warzone 2 hacks to get pleasure from straightforward wins in each COD Warzone 2 combat. 

Preserve studying for extra formulation, ideas, and methods.

Simple Method to Win Extra in Warzone 2 (Ideas and Methods)

  • Early Entry to totally different weapons Pays

Strongest Warzone 2 weapons are locked and have to be unlocked earlier than you’ll be able to entry them. However the weapon unlock system makes it difficult. You possibly can unlock as many weapons as potential quicker in DMZ mode. It’s because when you extract any weapon in DMZ, it’ll mechanically unlock for COD Warzone 2 and can now not go by way of the traditional unlocking course of.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to go to Purchase Stations to buy customized weapons, attachments, and so forth. Should you can entry a large assortment of weapons, you’re prepared for extra wins in Warzone 2. If a sure weapon doesn’t work properly, you’ll be able to simply swap to an acceptable one. 

The AI Mazrah map in Warzone 2 is huge and has plenty of tall buildings and excessive mountains. If you will discover one and get on it, you’ll probably get extra kills. You’ll even have a wider view of your environment and a greater intention at your enemies beneath.

Having a sniper rifle whereas attacking from excessive grounds can provide you extra benefit over enemies. Additionally, whereas aiming and attacking from tall buildings, rooftops, or mountains, ensure you go searching for enemy snipers. You don’t wish to get snipped on the brow.

  • Be pretty near your group.

Irrespective of your causes, don’t be far out of your group. Drifting away is likely one of the widespread recipes for downfall. A group match in Warzone 2 is necessary to encourage teamwork and cooperation. Even if you wish to win extra gunfights forward of your group, attempt to not go far-off.

Your group members have rather a lot to do for you. They’ll present spare weapons, ammo, or well being kits when you run out. Nevertheless, reaching out for these could also be unimaginable when you’re far-off. Meaning chances are you’ll not dwell to win. All the time take a look at your map to know your distances. 

Beforehand, Warzone 2.0 had a single circle that shrinks slowly, exposing gamers exterior the circle to the fuel. However now, it has three small circles that shrink into one to make a “closing zone.” Maintaining a tally of these circles will assist you understand when and the place to maneuver.

Because you wish to win extra, you have to keep alive, which suggests staying contained in the circle(s). As they shrink, different gamers inside might be compelled into close-quarter combats, making it extra harmful. Nevertheless, when you’ve received your shotgun at this level, then successful is inevitable.

  • Interrogate that enemy in a secure space

Interrogating enemies is a brand new mind-blowing function of COD: Warzone 2. As soon as an enemy is down, you’ll be able to interrogate him. This reveals the place of his different teammates, exposing them to sudden assaults. Whereas this will help you win extra in Warzone 2, it can be dangerous.

So, earlier than interrogating an enemy, guarantee your environment are secure and clear. As soon as you start the interrogation, it’ll set off a prolonged animation, placing you in additional hazard. If you may get a few of your teammates to present you cowl throughout the course of, you’re a step out of your victory.

  • Befriend cover-friendly objects

In Warzone 2, there are various objects you’ll be able to conceal in, however not all will give you a hardcover. Some are penetrable, whereas some are impenetrable. It may be difficult to establish between the 2. 

To make it simpler, take cowl with objects like partitions of buildings, autos, previous home equipment, metallic drums, and so forth. You possibly can conceal behind these objects whereas therapeutic, reloading, or scanning your atmosphere.


There are plenty of methods to win extra in Warzone 2. Nevertheless, we’ve given you the very best straightforward formulation. The following tips and methods will get you extra wins and take your gameplay to the following stage.

Get Entry to totally different weapons, assault from excessive grounds, be pretty near your group, and keep watch over the circle (s). Don’t overlook to interrogate that enemy you downed in a secure place and ensure you cowl behind onerous objects.

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